Expressive drum sequencer

Regroove is a Max for Live device that generates and syncopates drum pattern using a learned understanding of rhythm and groove. The representation of groove learned by the algorithm encapsulates dynamics, microtiming, and syncopation and is ultimately based on thousands of measures of drum rhythms played by session drummers on a 9-piece electronic drum kit. We wanted to avoid making yet another random pattern generator so a focus has been put on enabling interactivity and leveraging the rhythmic understanding of the embedded neural network to generate customized, musical variations on any input pattern.


Regroove Generate Pane

engine configuration

The engine pane is your portal to becoming best friends with the embedded neural network. Get to know each other by specifying the density, random, and samples and together finding the perfect configuration to generate the drum grooves you need.

Regroove Generate Pane

Interactive Pattern Matrix

Sometimes you just want to micro-manage your drum pattern a little. You can use the pattern matrix to for this - it's incredibly to easy to program, edit, or delete any notes in the pattern matrix.

Additionally, the toggles on the right of each channel let you turn off the syncopation for any channel. Only when the channel toggle is selected will the sequencing engine syncopate the selected channel. This is very useful if you only want to syncopate selected instruments in your kit.

Regroove Generate Pane

Syncopation Control

Syncopate your rhythms in any way you want. Keep the rhythm in your hand and use toggle mode to only syncopate whilst holding the syncopate button or let the model do it's thing and set the device to wait mode.